Sticking with My Interests

There are times that I get on kicks of certain hobbies or foods, and I always end up abandoning the interest after just a short few months. In fact, I’d say that’s one of my biggest downfalls: giving up on a hobby or interest so soon after beginning.

This has actually affected me in other areas of life in the past decade or so. I’ll often pick up a novel and get about 60% of the way through it before forgetting about it and moving on to another book. I absolutely despise this habit of mine, so recently I’ve made it a point to stick to my guns on things that really pique my interest. Otherwise, I don’t allow myself to begin a new collection or hobby of any sort.

Well, one of the newest things I’ve gotten into is tequila. While a decent front end cost was daunting at first, I’ve established a smallish collection and have sincerely committed to learning the different flavor profiles of each so that I can discern what it is I enjoy in a tequila and what I may really dislike.

My new tequila craze is something I’m wanting to take to the next level here soon by visiting the state of Jalisco in Mexico. I always, always say I want to travel and never pull the trigger on a plane ticket simply because I don’t have the money. But a flight down to Mexico and staying in cheap AirBNBs would satisfy my desire to travel while also learning more about the tequila distillation process and even gathering a bit more knowledge about Mexican culture.

Doing this sort of stuff comes with some prerequisites, though, and I feel that getting a hold on my financial life is one of those things. For example, I’ve yet to purchase a life insurance policy, and I feel that that’s one thing I should do before making big investments in travel (especially international travel). While I’m not concerned by any means about my well being while in Mexico, having a solid life insurance policy is still one of those things that likely needs to be taken care of for my own benefit overall.

So, with fun comes responsibility. I know that I don’t exactly need a policy right away, but the sooner I get it, the more I’ll save down the road. So I may as well snag the insurance soon in order to start preparing for my trip to Jalisco!


It’s Time to Act Like an Adult

As someone in their late 20s, I’ve experienced a lot of my youth already in life. While I’m not ready to admit that I’m beyond those youthful years (and I really don’t act like I am, ever), I do acknowledge that I should start looking ahead and handling things that most adults do on a monthly basis.

One of those things, to be frank, is getting a life insurance policy.

See, I’m quite healthy for my age. Well, I’m above average, I should say. While my joints sometimes ache after running and I can be a bit worn out after climbing multiple flights of stairs, I definitely combat those problems by hitting the gym 3 to 4 times a week and being conscious of the things I consume. Sure, I can down a greasy burger and a few beers in an instant, but it’s not what I eat and drink every single day.

But even knowing that I’m healthier than your average 27 year old American doesn’t make me exempt from handling things like a responsible adult, such as getting the appropriate insurance policy to cover my life.

With marriage on the horizon and kids not long after that, it’s particularly important to think about life insurance sooner rather than later. And to avoid rates hiking up any more than they need to, getting it now while I am particularly healthy is a far better decision than putting it off until I have kids and possibly see a decline in my health.

So, life insurance is just one of those things that need doing when you enter adulthood and exit college. And I know that tackling insurance like this will get me in a good way with taking care of other things (like getting a mortgage, having better health insurance, and even taking out a loan for a newer vehicle). It’s a snowball effect, really, and it all leads down the path to adulthood.

So, while I don’t ever think I’ll grow out of acting like a kid, I realize that it’s time to at least do the responsible things that adults do (even if I fail to relinquish my childish ways).

Mother having discussion with son

Growing up is something everyone has to do eventually. A lot of people paint responsibility and adulthood in a negative light, but really, it’s a gateway to independence and financial stability. And those two things are severely underrated as great things in life, because with both you can do all the things you never could as a child.

Breakthroughs Are Needed For Change

Sometimes in life, all it takes is a breakthrough to really get things turned around. And out of the majority of those times, the breakthrough wasn’t planned. Out of the vast majority of those times, you didn’t realize your life actually needed turning around.

That’s what happens when we grow complacent. You see, complacency isn’t necessarily a negative term. It’s definitely not positive, but it’s not negative either. It’s sort of in a grey area that goes untalked about. Too often you’ll hear people say their life is on the move upwards or it’s spiraling down. They’re either happy and extremely positive with how things are going or are sad and depressed with recent events or trends.

Yet the reality is that the majority of people out there aren’t either. They’re the inbetweeners, the complacent folk.

And that’s where I found myself recently. Well, I didn’t know I was complacent until I had my own breakthrough. That’s how the cycle goes, which is what I’ve been trying to convey.

We don’t realize we’re in a neutral rut until we break out of it.

So, what changed for me? Well, I started to run. And really, I only took up running to get back in shape for an alumni basketball tournament back in my hometown. For the most part, I just didn’t want to be heaving and bent over after 5 minutes into the game. So, I felt like running 5 to 10 miles a week would at least put me in decent enough shape to handle some of the running.

And what a world of difference that decision to start running again has made. Not only have I been more motivated to hit up the gym or power through cold winds outside while running; I’ve also been more conscious about my diet, my drinking habits, and even how much sleep I get at night.

And the thing is, this sort of change is a shock to the body at first. It can feel almost as if it’s not ready for everything to change so suddenly. But the mind? Oh, the mind accepts it willingly and looks forward to the changes.

What’s your breakthrough?

A lot of people struggle pinpointing their breakthrough moment, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be a huge change or something marked on a calendar. Sometimes, it can be as simple as purchasing a life insurance policy or buying that plane ticket to Europe to backpack. They can be positive things, fun things, and overall better for your life if you take the time to just do it.

So, whether you need to right your ways through life insurance, running like me, or anything else tailored to your needs, you won’t realize that you “need” a change until you actually do it. So why wait? What does it hurt to implement something new now?